Piotr Pluta
Head of Product at Explain Everything | iOS & Game Developer





About Me

I have over 10 years of professional experience working in mobile game and edtech industry on big, multiplatform projects.

As 'Lonely Whale', I'm releasing my own apps on iOS App Store and doing contract work.

I'm most proficient in:

  • Coordination and supervision of multiplatform development & design teams
  • Product planning and roadmapping
  • Taking care of the user journey and user experience across the entire product
  • iOS development (Objective-C / Swift)
  • Mobile Game Development (Unity 3D)
  • Continuous Integration (TeamCity) and release process of mobile apps
  • Implementation and analysis of analytics data in order to tweak the application to maximize user acquisition, retention and monetization

Contact Me

e-mail: pf.pluta@gmail.com

linkedin: piotrpluta

twitter: piotrpluta